AWFC Case Study:
350% Increase In Leads Within 5 Months


Annandale Women and Family Center (AWFC) has been providing exceptional and multifaceted health care practice since 1973. They offer extensive health care services including internal medicine (primary care), gynecology, abortion and medical skin care to the areas of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. They continuously strive to promote quality health and well being among its clients.


Nowadays, when you aim for business growth, you should aim to generate more business leads as well.

A lead refers to an audience who showed interest in your products or services. It could also be a group of individuals who fits to your target demographic.

Thanks to the advancement in technology! Generating leads have never been easier and quicker.

With different online marketing techniques utilizing search engines and various social media platforms as funnels for both paid and non-paid strategies.

It may take expertise to build your online reputation and refine your digital advertising approach. But with the right people, you can achieve your marketing goals.


Annandale Women and Family Center (AWFC) is an accomplished a company, but it does not stop there. They need to strengthen their online presence to consistently and increasingly drive returns. Besides, doing business is a long-term commitment.

Thus, AWFC acquired help from us, at Binary Ideas Online Marketing. Getting straight to their online marketing goals, we know we need to generate more leads for their business.


We started working with AWFC last February of 2018, keeping in mind their specific online marketing goals which is to generate more leads.

So, we proposed and implemented our unique Adwords campaign strategy.

Our Process

Customized Adwords Lead Generation Campaign For AWFC

A. First, we did a keyword research specific for the company’s services. A thorough keyword research was done to make sure that these keywords are related to the business.

B. From keywords searched, we created a campaign and adgroups that are specific to the company’s services.

C. We created conversion-optimized landing pages for each adgroup containing a compelling headline, social proof and prominent call-to-action.

A. First, we did a keyword research specific for the company’s services. A thorough keyword research was done to make sure that these keywords are related to the business.

D. We implemented the Adwords conversion tracking and Google Analytics code to the landing pages in order to track the leads obtained and visits.

E. We created customized, relevant and unique ad copies to maximize the click-through and conversion rates.

F. Finally, we launched their Adwords campaign last March 2018.

We are constantly working to improve on our keywords, ads and most especially the landing pages. We did an A/B testing to the landing pages and ad copies we created to see which one is doing better. We then revised the ad copies that were not performing well.

For the keywords, we checked those underperforming keywords and got rid of them. We also checked the Search Terms Report to see which keywords are irrelevant and are getting clicks. We added these keywords as negative keywords to avoid the unnecessary clicks. With these tasks, we are able to improve the performance of our campaign and get new leads.


Did AWFC achieved their goal to generate more leads after we implemented our Adword Campaign?

A month before we launched Adwords campaign, AWFC has a 275 new users count, 1032 page views count and no leads.

The graph below shows a great increase of new users for AWFC which almost doubled in the fifth month. AWFC actually generated an increase of new visitors by 74.18%.

As AWFC increases its new users progressively, the same goes with its page views (See Fig 2) which consistently increased from the first to the fifth month. But what’s more surprising is that it already generated leads in the first month and multiplied more than four times in the fifth month (See Fig. 3).


With our years of proven expertise in providing online marketing services, our team is confident to bring excellent result for Annandale Women and Family Center (AWFC). Taking into account first their online marketing goals, we then set strategic plan utilizing Adwords. With our unique approach, AWFC increased its total lead generation by 350% in the fifth month and consistently generating more leads.

If you need our expertise in lead generation, reach out to us and contact us at (703) 690-9726.