How Martin Conway Law Firm Consistently Increase Their Monthly Leads


The Conway Law Group has been providing skilled and thoughtful legal services for more than 25 years. They are serving the areas of Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, and Richmond. The law firm is dedicated to providing quality bankruptcy services (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13) and representation in Fredericksburg, and real estate and civil litigation.


Every business, small or big, with an online presence needs digital advertising. Does it makes sense that your business’ physical success does not equate with your online success?

Thus, Martin Conway Law Firm finally decided to rebuild, streamline and strengthen their online presence.

Yet, generating leads is not just like simply breaking an egg? If it is an easy peasy job, then online marketing methods, paid and non-paid, do not serve a purpose at all.

Digital marketing is a huge arena with lots of competition, but with extensive opportunities as well. With SEO and paid ads both applied, you can reach to a wider audience, streamline your ads to only display to your target audience and optimize your website to drive more traffic. This is mainly to drive conversions and make better ROI.


It does not only require marketing skills but technical knowledge as well, to execute online marketing strategies. Thus, Martin Conway Law Firm acquired help from us, at Binary Ideas Online Marketing to achieve their online marketing objectives including:

  • Build a strong online presence
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Target and retarget a specific group of audience for prospect clients


  • Generate more leads consistently
  • Increase website conversions and better returns


Paid and non-paid online marketing are the two classifications of search engine marketing. With both, as great ways to generate leads. How can we say so?

As for paid ads, “Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords” according to Sitewit.

On the other hand, non-paid ads is very competitive as well. A 2017 Statistics from BrightEdge shows that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search and it captures more than 40% of revenue.

The good news? Our online marketing team is equip with the expert knowledge to perform various PPC and SEO strategies.

Our SEO and PPC approach:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Lead Generation

  1. SEO ranks a business’ site high (on the first page) on search engines, optimizing quality content using targeted relevant keywords.
  2. As your prospect customers will search for those keywords, they will first see your content in the search results. Once they click on the link, it directs them your website producing organic traffic.
  3. More than that, if prospect customers are satisfied with what they found in your website, it influences their decision to use your business. Hence, it converts them into leads which can eventually drive sales.

Customized SEO Process Executed For Martin Conway Law Firm

Section 1: Set Up. Preparing To Deliver Leads and Phone Calls

A. We conducted detailed competitive analysis to determine the best strategy to beat their top 3 ranking competitors in Maps. This included a comprehensive analysis of the size of Conway’s site vs. the size of their competitor’s sites. Our online marketing team reviewed all competitor GMB categories to determine the best approach for proprietary category re-theming strategy.

B. We conducted a thorough research to determine citation consistency and executed citation cleanup.

C. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their current review profile compared to their competitors.
D. We implemented a complete on-page optimization strategy using the “Maps First Visibility Approach”.
E. We increased their site speed.
F. We worked with them to obtain and geo-optimize relevant images for their business for greater visibility in maps as well as conversion optimization.
G. We created and optimize a Google My Business (Maps) listing for Conway to help it appear in the local 3 pack for major search terms in the areas of Woodbridge, Richmond and Fredericksburg.
H. We set up a complete branded network on major social media sites. We implemented a proper use of schema to help drive geographic relevancy. We also began to drive massive brand relevance from the creation of the aforementioned actions taken.

Section 2: On-Going Monthly Call and Lead Generation Campaign

A. We monitor and add new “maps trigger keyword” to the Martin Conway’s site to increase their call volume.
B. We add 3 new niche and geographic articles to their site per month.
C. We set up and add one new niche and geographic network site per month to create additional relevancy for higher maps ranking leading to more calls.
D. We draft and submit 1 new press release for distribution every other month.
E. We build relevant backlinks to your site for increased maps ranking..
F. We continually build new citations and further optimize your Google Maps listings to rank for more keywords and obtain better positioning in local 3 pack.
G. We monitor and manage the review process to frequently obtain new reviews for your Google My Business listing. Prepare review responses.
H. We engage in reputation marketing to ensure good reviews are visible across social platforms.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) Lead Generation

You may not know, but your competitors are spending thousands of dollars a month for paid ads. Why they invest quite a lot of money for it? Is it really worth it?

  1. PPC is a straightforward online advertising approach. You only pay when an interested audience clicks on your ad.
  2. You can set a budget for your campaigns and can change it anytime so you can control costs.
  3. Paid ad tools allow you to deliver ad campaigns to target audiences at the right time. This is possible with PPC’s location targeting and delivery options.
  4. You can get quick results from PPC when it comes to traffic and conversions
  5. You can use PPC data to evaluate if a particular keyword is converting well in your SEO

Customized PPC Process Executed For Martin Conway Law Firm

Section 1: PPC Set Up

A. Keyword Research and Selection
B. Accounts Creation
C. Landing Page Creation
D. Ad Copies Creation

Section 2: PPC Monthly Maintenance

A. We check the ad copies for improvement and adjustment.
B. We check the keywords for possible modifications.
C. We check the bids for adjustments.
D. We generate monthly reports (Lead Summary, GA reports, Mailchimp reports, Callrail reports).

Section 3: Remarketing

Remarketing from Website Visitors
– We create ads and target the website visitors.
– We create specific landing pages for the remarketing ads.
Remarketing from Landing Pages Visitors
– We create ads and target the website visitors.
– We create specific landing pages for the remarketing ads.


So, what does our SEO and PPC techniques brought to Martin Conway Law Firm?

The graph below shows the increase of leads for Martin Conway for 8 months from the month of December 2017 to July 2018. Combined with a monthly total leads generated from Adwords Lead Opt In, Bing Ads, Facebook Leads, Organic Leads, Source Lead Calls and Debt Resolution Ebook Download.


With our years of proven expertise in providing online marketing services, our team is confident to bring excellent result for Martin Conway Law Firm. Our streamlined SEO and PPC approach has helped a business yet again to possess a credible reputation. Based from the most recent data, our paid and non-paid online advertising definitely increases the law firm’s leads in a competent period of time.

If you need our expertise in lead generation, reach out to us and contact us at (703) 690-9726.