CRCS Case Study: Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads To Drive Sign Up Leads For Summer Camp


Calvary Road Christian School (CRCS) is unceasingly providing compassionate and biblically-based Christian education since 1976. It is their core principle to help students build a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ by molding their Christian character and excel in academics at the same time. The school caters to preschool (three and four years old students) and elementary (Kindergarten to 6th grade).


You already established your online reputation. It’s time you make the most out of it by optimizing various online marketing strategies into your business to get more returns and achieve other marketing goals.

As for CRCS, we help them streamline their digital advertising focusing on their objective to generate more sign up leads for their annual summer camp.

Here, we apply Facebook and Google ads lead generation campaigns. Let’s see then how CRCS benefited from it.


Calvary Road Christian School (CRCS) holds a summer camp every year. This event is mainly to involve kids into exciting and fruitful summer activities. Thus, they need participants. So they acquired Binary Ideas Online Marketing services. We interpreted their main goal and pinpoint that what they really need is an engaging online marketing campaign, prompting their target audience to sign up to the event.


1. Google Ads Campaign

Running ad campaigns on Google search result pages is a direct response advertisement. This is actually the best part because you can prompt your target audience to do a specific action right then, right there.

As for CRCS, we made appealing Google ad campaign directing their target audience to sign up for their summer camp. Of course, we blended it with our unique approach to get genuine results. Which is to generate leads out of the gathered details from people who pursued the sign up page.

Customized Google Ads Campaign For CRCS

A. First, we did a keyword research to retrieve the keywords that were most searched for summer camps.

B. From keywords searched, we created a campaign and adgroups.

C. We created conversion-optimized landing pages for each adgroup containing a compelling headline, social proof and prominent call-to-action.

D. We implemented the Adwords conversion tracking and Google Analytics code to the landing pages in order to track the leads obtained and visits.

E. We created customized, relevant and unique ad copies to maximize the click-through and conversion rates..

F. Finally, we launched their Adwords campaign last March 5, 2017. We run campaigns for months.
Thus, it ended August 5, 2017

2. Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook ads is one aspect of PPC (pay-per-click) which really makes lead generation easy for your business and for your audience. It is a two-way process actually. The moment an audience clicks your ad and fill out the form that pops out, they get the information they want and you just produced a potential lead for your business.

Thus, we specifically make attractive ads for CRCS pulling their target audience to click on it. Which then leads to a certain landing page where they can sign up for the summer camp.

Customized Facebook Ads Campaign For CRCS

A. First, we did a thorough research on the audience targeting. This is to make sure that we are targeting the right people who can see the ads and will eventually sign up for the summer camp.

B. We created a conversion-optimized landing pages containing a compelling headline, social proof and prominent call-to-action.

C. We implemented the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics code to the landing pages in order to track the leads obtained and the visits.

D. We created ad copies that are eye catching and relevant with a clear call-to-action.

E. Finally, we launched the Facebook ads on March 16, 2017. The campaign ran until June 11, 2017.

We are constantly working to improve on our keywords, ads and most especially the landing pages. We did an A/B testing to the landing pages and ad copies we created to see which one is doing better. We then revised the ad copies that were not performing well.

For the keywords, we checked those underperforming keywords and got rid of them. We also checked the Search Terms Report to see which keywords are irrelevant and are getting clicks. We added these keywords as negative keywords to avoid the unnecessary clicks. With these tasks, we are able to improve the performance of our campaign and get new leads.


How did Facebook Lead ads and Google ads work for CRCS?

In 2017, on our first year of running Adwords campaigns for CRCS, we have already generated a good number of leads. By 2018, using the same process, we were able to get a 211.11% increase on the Adwords Leads. Which is surprisingly a multiple folds of increase from 18 to 56.

For their Facebook Leads outcome, we delivered a 233.33% increase comparing the number of leads generated from 2017 and 2018. Yet again, it displays a multiple growth from 6 to 20.


With our years of proven expertise in providing online marketing services, our team is confident to bring excellent result for Calvary Road Christian School (CRCS). Truly, we bring about a more than satisfactory lead results for the school’s summer camp event.  With the trust of CRCS to continue working with us to boost their business, we are persistently improving our Facebook and Google Ads campaign strategies as well.

If you need our expertise in lead generation, reach out to us and contact us at (703) 690-9726.