Lawyer Directories: Do They Work? What Are the Best for You?

Although there are people who turn to local SEO to find lawyers within their area, some individuals go to lawyer directories for a broader list of professionals. That’s why some lawyer directories still rank high on Google search engines.

Lawyer directories are channels for lawyers from different areas to generate leads, enhance your firm’s online reputation, and boost your ranking in online search results. 

What Are the Types of Lawyer Directories?

If you’re planning to sign up for any lawyer directory, you should identify the types of online directories you can use to maximize your digital footprint. Every directory type has its own features and benefits, but all of them have the potential to help you improve online visibility, gain more engagement, and solidify your reputation. 

Here are the common lawyer directory types: 

  1. Legal Directories

They are directories that are specifically designed for legal professionals. They are essentially catalogs of attorneys and firms that enable users to search for the right lawyer to handle their specific legal issues. Examples of these include Justia Lawyer Directory, Avvo, and Findlaw. 

  1. Bar Association & Lawyer Association Member Directories

These are directories that are membership lists that are maintained by state bar associations and other legal entities. An example of this would be the Florida Bar Member Directory.

  1. Popular Consumer Directories

These are commonly used directories that are commonly used by clients, and it’s essential for lawyers to be on them. One of the most important consumer directories is Google My Business. This is because, with just a simple search from Google, consumers can get a list of reputable law firms within their area. Hence, it’s important for law firms to also improve their online reputation for Google My Business.

  1. Business Directories

These directories are not specific to the legal industry. Rather, they accept all types of businesses, which include law firms. Some may have law firms categorized while others don’t, so choose one that will be the best fit for your business. General business directories include YP and Yelp.

It’s important that your law firm maximizes these different business directories, so your business can appear on Google searches more often. 

However, in this article, we will focus more on the top law firm websites that you can sign up for. 

What Are the Top Legal Directories?

  1. Avvo

Avvo is a website that gets the most traffic in the legal industry. It offers legal directory and marketing services for lawyers and potential clients. However, what makes this website different is that it has lawyer reviews. When you have a high rating on Avvo, it will improve your credibility and make you stand out to potential clients. 

  1. FindLaw

FindLaw is one of the first lawyer directories developed and has a robust network of websites. These websites provide users with lawyer directories, online legal Q & A forums, free legal guides, as well as articles. Also, they have legal blogs that allow lawyers to create content on legal topics. By creating content on FindLaw, you can help build authority, get new clients, and drive new traffic to your firm’s website.

  1. Nolo

The network of legal content websites and practice area-specific sites on Nolo is one of the biggest and most exceptional sources of free legal information for users online. If you want to sign up for Nolo, you can publish articles on your profile to help you build authority and credibility in your specific practice. It also helps you rank up on search engines. 

  1. Justia

This provides a free profile listing in its legal directory for licensed lawyers to claim and fill out. When you claim your Justia profile, they can also list you on the Legal Information Institute (LII) directory. The website says that they receive over a million visits per month from individuals looking for legal advice. You can improve your visibility on this site when you purchase a premium membership.

  1. Legalzoom

The core business of LegalZoom is do-it-yourself filings and documents. Users can also get access to a paid legal subscription plan, also known as Legal Plan Attorney Network, to give them access to lawyers. Lawyers who are a part of the network can accept consultation work and offer their expertise to subscribers with complicated legal issues. They can also refer users to lawyers who can handle their cases within their area. 

These are just some of the reputable directories you can sign up for, so you can improve your visibility online. Don’t just stick to one directory. Expand your digital footprint, so you can reach as many potential clients as you can.

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