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Extreme Custom Collision

As a customer you have the right to choose what repair facility is going to repair your vehicle! It is not mandatory that the vehicle should go to one of the insurance companies preferred shops, yes insurance companies have what is called DRP centers which is a Direct Repair Program when the shop works directly with the insurance company on the repairs to your vehicle but that does not mean your vehicle has to be repaired at that facility. At Extreme Custom Collision the owner of the vehicle is our customer not the insurance company; we will do everything we can for the customer to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly and in a timely manner. That is our dedication to our customers.


Our Missions and Values

To consistently provide solutions for our customers through exceptional, personalized experiences with outstanding levels of employee engagement and commitment.

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Our People

Extreme Custom Collision will be the employer of choice by:

  • Hiring and investing in people who work hard, with integrity, and deliver results
  • Providing the industry’s leading career advancement, training, development and benefits
  • Sharing the rewards of our success
Image Our Customer

Our Customers

Extreme Custom Collision will surprise our customers with the:

  • Friendliness of our people
  • Convenience of our repair service process
  • Cleanliness of our stores
  • Quality of our craftsmanship
  • Dedication to keeping the commitments we make


Our Company

Here at Extreme Custom Collision our commitment to our customers is total satisfaction, our attention to detail is the backbone of our business! We are dedicated to making sure every customer’s vehicle is repaired to factory specs. All our technician skills are up to date with industry standards, we go the extra mile for every customer no matter how big or small the repair is. When a vehicle leaves this repair facility is is checked not by one quality control personnel but by everyone. The owner checks every vehicle over, then the general manger, and so on right down to detail shop!

A shops reputation is based on several things quality, repair time, and overall satisfaction our goal is to make sure that every customer is totally satisfied in every way, if for some reason a customer is not we will make it right no exceptions… Having great customer service makes us very proud to do business, it’s not just about fixing cars its about exceeding a customers expectations, earning customers trust and confidence, and providing a pleasant experience for all of our customers.

Image Our Company

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Local Marketing Audit