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It doesn’t make sense that the physical success of a business does not equate with its online success these days. So Martin Conway Law Firm dive into digital advertising and acquired help from Binary Ideas to flag their 25 years of successful legal services online. With our customized and goal-oriented SEO and PPC campaigns, we are constantly delivering leads for Martin Conway Law Firm.

Annandale Women and Family Center (AWFC) is a healthcare provider dedicated to deliver quality health services to their clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. They partnered with Binary Ideas Online Marketing holding on to their primary goal which is to generate more business leads. As we evaluate their online marketing needs, the team then proposed and carry out our unique Adwords lead generation campaign. Which in fact, resulted in AWFC’s multiplying page views, new users and leads.

Calvary Road Christian School (CRCS) holds a summer camp event every year. This is mainly for kids to enjoy their summer by engaging in exciting activities. Moreover, they need an effective online marketing campaign to get their target demographic sign up for the event. Thus, our online marketing at Binary Ideas then settled on putting up a Facebook and Google Ad campaign. For two consecutive years, we delivered a good number of leads for their summer camp and constantly increasing it.

These Are What They Say About Us​

Jason Greenwood

President/Founder of Greenwood Lawfirm P.C.

Gail Frances

Owner of AWFC

Kevin Lewis

CRCS Administrator

Local Marketing Audit

Local Marketing Audit