How We Work Our Magic

1. The Brief

We will ask you the right questions so you’ll realize why you need a new website and what it is you’re trying to achieve. So brace yourself a little because you may encounter some questions that may seem awkward and a little uncomfortable.

2. The Sitemap

After we get all the information we need, we will build a visual sitemap. Through this, we can lead a clear organization of your business’ site content according to what we are trying to communicate. We will structure all the information efficiently. 

3. The Prototype

To help you get the picture of what we are intending to build, we will create an interactive prototype in the browser. This will also show a glimpse of how our proposed solution will actually work. Just a glimpse because there is still no design included at this stage. Yet, this is already a bit closer to the real thing.

4. The Design

Now, we will go with the design where fun and creativity begins. We will mix and match colors according to your brand identity to bring the interactive prototype to life. 

5. The Delivery

Finally, we continue working on the project for a couple of weeks to make sure everything is plugged in and tested. Once it is done, we will deploy your brand new website to your hosting server. You can now show off your business’ website to your audience and to the whole world.

Local Marketing Audit

Local Marketing Audit