Discover the Secret to an Effective Landing Page

What Happens When Your Client Engages with Your Lead Magnet?

If you’ve already thought of an ideal lead magnet for your law firm, then you should have an engaging landing page to get your potential clients fully sold on your unique selling proposition.

So, What Is a Landing Page?

What differentiates a landing page from the other pages on your website is that it has a form in which you can acquire your potential clients’ information and in exchange for an offer. Furthermore, its sole purpose is to convert individuals who view your page into actual clients. 

Of course, a landing page is not to be confused with the home page. A home page has other elements that navigate the users through your website, like all the services you provide, testimonials, and descriptions about your company, among others. 

On the other hand, a landing page is simple and has no distractions, meaning it’s focused on one specific proposition or one action it wants the user to do. 

When a landing page is THIS simple, what makes it effective in getting more people to enlist your services? 

  1. A Compelling Selling Point

    This is what most marketers call, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It’s what will truly entice your potential clients to choose your services instead of other law firms. When thinking of a unique selling proposition, ponder on this question: “What makes you different from your competitors?” Your proposition doesn’t always have to be something “unique” per se. Typically, it should be something better.

    Think of it like this:

    If your law firm deals with bankruptcy cases, what can you guarantee your clients? Can you help them after the case? Will you come up with a solution that doesn’t severely damage their finances? What can you do that other law firms can do but in a more cost-efficient way?

    Of course, your compelling selling point should be clearly stated in your landing page’s texts. In other words, you need a compelling headline, supporting headline, and a concise description of your proposition’s benefits.

    1. Headline

      You need an eye-catching, yet straight-to-the-point headline that will entice your potential client to take you on your offer or want to know about it. As much as possible, don’t use convoluted language, like metaphors or jargon. Keep it simple, yet strong.

    2. Sub-headline

      Since headlines only consist of one sentence, a phrase, or even just a word, having your own supporting headline to explain it would give your potential clients an idea as to how your services are valuable to them. The supporting headline should only be 2 to 3 concise sentences that will persuade your potential client to choose you instead of your competitors.

    3. Benefits

      You must be thinking, “I already have a supporting headline. Why do I need to elaborate on the benefits of my services?” The more information your potential clients get about your practice, the more they get an idea as to how it is working with you and what results they can achieve. Adding the benefits or perks that come with entrusting their case to you relays the message that you have what they need from a bankruptcy law firm.

  2. A Hero Image

    What are you planning to promote to your potential clients? Is it an e-book? A free consultation? Although most companies would rather have chunks of text in their landing page, it can be straining to the user’s eyes.

    However, when you use an image, let’s say, for example, a stock image of an attorney or your image on the landing page for a proposition for a free consultation, it gives the user’s eyes time to rest when their eyes meet the image before they start reading through the text again. Having a bit of visual in your landing page balances out the texts that can usually be heavy on the layout.

  3. Social Proof

    Letting people know that you have helped others with your services adds more solid support to your proposition. Customer testimonials and experiences are powerful, and they can make or break a business. Hence, you shouldn’t fake your testimonials, and you should provide testimonials that support the service you’re trying to market on the landing page.

  4. Call to Action

    Now that you’ve fed your potential client with so much information, what do you want them to do? You want them to contact you and use your services, of course!

    Make a form that can help you gather their information with a button at the end. The form should be as short as possible and should have its own privacy statement so that potential clients know that their personal information is safe with you. The Call-to-Action button should also be enticing to click, so instead of the usual “Click Here” or “Submit” button. Why not add “Schedule a FREE Consultation Today!” or “Get a FREE E-book from Us Now!”

How Binary Ideas Can Help You

So, do you have a unique offer that you want to market to your clients? Do you have a landing page for it? If you don’t, you can get help from our team at Binary Ideas.  

Partner with Binary Ideas in creating a high-converting landing page that will get you more clients. Just give us your unique selling point, and we’ll handle the rest. However, if you’re still figuring it out, you can also count on us to help you plan it out. You can schedule a free consultation and discuss your marketing needs.  

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