How to Fast-Track Your Review Solicitation Through an Efficient and Easy-to-Do Review Management System for Your Law Firm

Online reviews are now transforming the way consumers decide what services or products they want to patronize. They turn to TripAdvisor to know other people’s experiences on hotels and sites, Yelp for restaurants and even go through the review section of Amazon to know if the product is worth buying or not. Sometimes, they even turn to Facebook reviews or Google My Business’s review section. 

The way people perceive your business in the review section will make or break your success. That’s why if you’re starting out or if you’ve just started on digital marketing, you need to come up with an effective way to get more clients to review your law firm. 

Often, clients won’t have the time to write reviews. Sometimes, they might even forget. That’s why you must come up with a simple review system that will allow them to take the time to think and write about their experience with you on review platforms. 

How You Can Collect Reviews from Clients

There are three ways you can collect reviews from your clients:

  • Email 
  • Website 
  • Social Media 
  • Review Websites

When you maximize these four outlets and carry out effective strategies that will help you get reviews, then you can get more people writing reviews from your clients. 


You might be thinking “Anyone can email their client and ask them for a review!” 

That’s true. However, sending them an email is one thing, but actually getting them to do it can be difficult. Often, your email might directly move to the spam section of their email, never to be opened. So with this, you need to come up with a compelling subject and content, as well as an easy system for them to give you a review. 


Another way to get feedback from your clients would be through your website. You can add a review or testimonial page wherein they can express their thoughts and share their experiences. Also, you can even have a reminder as a pop-up on your website, so they’ll be reminded to write a review. 

Social Media

Some clients are more vocal about their thoughts on a business on social media. One of the places wherein they express their thoughts on a business is through Facebook. 

Facebook now has a feature wherein clients and future clients can now leave reviews of a business on their page. It allows your law firm and potential clients to interact with a website that gets a lot of traffic. 

Review Websites

Nowadays, there are review websites that are specifically for lawyers. These include: 


As much as possible, you want to collect as many reviews from your clients as you can, so you can boost your online presence in Google’s search ranking. It can be difficult to keep track of your solicitations and your review pages. With that, you’ll need a review system that makes the process easier and more efficient. 

ReviewLeads – A Reliable Online Reputation System 

Having an efficient system that allows you to let your client easily review your business can help you boost your online reputation and ultimately your online presence. Manually emailing your clients one by one to review your website can be time-consuming. And when you ask your clients to review through your website or social media, you’d want a more streamlined process wherein not only can you automatically send them emails at specific schedules but also check your progress. 

You can do all this through one of the online reputation management software our team at Binary Ideas use… ReviewLeads.

Through ReviewLeads, we can streamline the review solicitation process for your clients a lot easier. From sending them emails to tracking down your progress, this system has all the tools you need to help with your online reputation management. 

  1. Automated Email System

You don’t have to send your request for reviews one by one. With this online reputation management system, you can customize an impactful template message to your client about wanting them to review their message, then simply add the email numbers and names of your clients. 

You can choose how many emails to send them, reminding each user about reviewing your law firm if they haven’t yet. You can also choose the frequency of the emails, whether it’s after a day or three days. 

  1. Easy to Rate 

What’s great about this system is that it’s not too complicated for your clients to use. When they click on “Review Now,” they will be lead to this page wherein they choose if they are satisfied or unsatisfied with your services. 

If they are satisfied, they will be directed to the certain review page you want them to leave their reviews. You’ll go through your settings on the online reputation system and provide the link. It can be on review websites or on Google’s review section. 

If you choose Google as the place wherein your clients will review your law firm, a pop-up will appear containing your message and a clickable Google icon that will lead to another pop-up that has the instruction about how to leave reviews on Google. 

Once they click on the call-to-action button, then they will be directed to your review page on Google. 

After they finished rating your law firm and writing a review, it will immediately be posted on the review section of your Google My Business page. The more reviews you have, the more chances you have of boosting your Local SEO ranking.

If they are not satisfied with your services, they can type in their thoughts on a message which will be directly sent to you. This way, you can catch negative reviews before they are posted on your Google My Business page or any review site. 

  1. Easy to Filter

As mentioned before, if your clients provide a negative review, adding aspects you need to work on, it will automatically be sent to you rather than be posted on your review page. This will help in filtering your reviews and give you an opportunity to reach out to your customer, addressing their concerns, providing them with an apology, and assuring them that it will not happen again. 

Also, this ensures that the negative feedback you get won’t be posted on these review sites as it will be harder for you to delete and it will make a negative impact on the target audience’s perception of your law firm. 

Great Customer Experience Is the Most Aspect of Your Online Reputation

Of course, the only way you can get more positive reviews for your law firm is that you perform well and give your clients excellent service. If you are not consistent or simply give your 50 percent in any case you receive, then you won’t expect your client to be compelled to give you a rating at all. Give them a positive and memorable experience, so these results will also reflect in your online reputation. 

Let Binary Ideas Help You with Online Reputation Management

What you need to boost your online presence is not only advertising through social media and search engine optimization strategies but also customer engagement. Through online reputation management, you make sure that you address the needs of your clients, as well as thank them whenever they express their satisfaction and gratitude for your services. That way, you build a stronger and better relationship with them as a law firm. 

Should you need help with boosting your engagement and getting more leads, you can entrust this task to our professionals. Our team at Binary Ideas is capable of coming up with strategies that will help you acquire more online reviews from your clients, as well as address any concerns or questions your clients may have respectfully and appropriately. 

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