How to Turn a Boring Static Website into a Website That Can Gain 10x More Conversions

You probably think that your website may only serve as an online brochure for your new clients, but that should no longer be the case, especially in the age where online engagement is key to getting more leads and conversions. Should this be the case for you, however, you’re completely missing out on the online marketing opportunities and benefits your website could offer you and your clients.

Getting a website that ONLY gives you a company description and services can only get you so far. Leaving it at that without updating your online content won’t give your law firm the awareness it deserves.

So what opportunities are you missing when you settle for a brochure website?

1. Being on the first page of search results

Nowadays, companies, even law firms, are competing for that number one spot on the Google search results. That’s because it’s the first thing that clients or customers see, and it’s the first thing they click. You can be on the first page of Google in various ways, be it paid ads or organic SEO.

Any of the two can be beneficial; however, gaining organic traffic means many users trust the content on your website, which gives you plus points for Google. Therefore, most companies do their best to create quality content so that they can gain more traffic through organic clicks.

If you search within a local area, this will be the first thing you will see in your search results. The first three companies listed use paid ads to make their company visible on Google. It’s a competitive way, yet cost-effective, to get your website on the first page of search results. However, this kind of tactic is only effective if you are knowledgeable about how to effectively run paid ads. If this is not the case, you will lose more money without gaining any return of investment.

Below the paid search is the local search results area, which provides a list of reputable companies within the area you’re searching in. Know that you either put the specific place or simply add the term ?near me.? So what’s the benefit of being in the local search results?

When your company is listed in the first four companies in the local search results, you’re guaranteed to have clients contacting your hotline, visiting your location, or your website. Not only that, but prospective clients can also determine your trustworthiness should you have a solid internet reputation because of the gold-star ratings below your company name.

Hence, reputation management is also crucial in this aspect.

After the local search results are the organic searches. These are websites that are recommended by Google because of their trustworthiness, organic traffic, and other SEO tactics incorporated to make it a preferred source for Google’s algorithm. Users would most prefer going for websites that have organic searches as it determines that many people have visited the website and have found it useful in answering their queries.

When you settle for a brochure website without using search engine optimization tactics, you’re missing out on online marketing opportunities that come with being on the first page of Google. As a law firm that wants to focus solely on the plight of your clients, you may want to seek help from an SEO specialist to help you boost your website’s ranking on Google to give you the results you want.

2. Any customer or client engagement

Having your own website can also allow you to connect with your potential clients. Nowadays, websites use Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer service to interact with their clients to lessen costs, increase revenue, improve staff retention, and boost customer satisfaction.

Although bots are unable to answer specific legal queries your clients may need, it can, however, answer simple questions and concerns your clients may have with regards to your legal services. Should they have questions that must be answered by lawyers, they can always have their queries redirected to the contact line of the legal experts they are seeking. This can all be possible through innovative web development by an expert team.

Not only that, but your website can also be used to answer queries or schedule consultations through forms. You can add in your social media links so that you can share your knowledge with a broad range of users who may benefit from your law firm’s legal services.

Upgrading your website into a hub where you can interact with your customers and meet their specific needs not only boosts your law firm’s brand awareness and customer loyalty but it improves customer experience as well, which brings us to the last part.

3. Good customer experience

Any company, including law firms, rely on quality customer experience to get more and more people to promote their services. One way to improve customer experience is to make your services accessible to them through the Internet. Nowadays, everyone wants services to be given with a tap of a screen and that can be possible, too with legal services.

As much as possible, you have to make your website engaging and informative to keep your prospective clients on your website. If not, they can simply bounce right off your site, keeping you at the bottom of search results and fewer chances of gaining new clients.

You can do the examples we’ve mentioned before about customer engagement to improve your client’s experience, or you can think of other informative ways to ensure your clients get what they need from your website. If you need help with that, you can always have custom web applications to make any process you want easier for your law firm and your clients.

So, want to upgrade your brochure website and make it a high converting website?

Get Help from a Web Design and Development Company Who Can Create the Website You Need to Convert Users to Clients

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