Website Development Support: Reconstituted

Website Development Support : Reconstituted

Email as a sole support medium.

We have a great experience in using email for solving client problems with their websites. A few replies back and forth would suffice in closing issues. Superb.

However, forwarding emails to our developers is not an easy job for any project manager, seriously. We tend to exchange countless replies with clients and the next thing we know, our inbox is just a long list of unread emails mixed with personal, lead emails, billing, subscriptions and all other unrelated mails, scattered. “Imagine the long thread of one single issue. Now you’re not just talking about one issue – you’re talking about thousands of them.”

Yes, let’s say this worked out for several clients.

But we think that the era for emails as support medium for our clients has come to an end.

So how did we solve this problem?


Movies? No, no!

As we learned that email can be troublesome, we had to pause and ask, “What are all other web agencies used to solve this matter?”

Our answer? An online support system. A separate website for containing issues for you, our clients.

You must be wondering, “Why do I still have to open another website when I can just reply directly from my email client? “Trust us, we asked that too.

An online support system generally uses your email, you’re correct!

It sends the same issues to your email, correct!

So, why do we have to use a system that has the same functionality?

You’re mean! Okay.

What it does is basically setting your mind solely for managing issues for your website. Just like us, you as our client, receives so many emails. We are bombarded with different emails and we hate to see we are missing emails from our current transactions. Especially our inbox is filled with not-so-spammy emails.

Dedicated Support Personnel

Our online support system have personnels that we’re proud to have.

They can respond to your issues with ease and offers a feedback within 24 to 48 business hours.

Why should it take 24 to 48 hours long?

Here you go asking again. Urgh!

There are three groups of people that you should know and understand how they function

  1. Support Personnel
  2. Developers
  3. Testers

First, the Support Personnel receives your issue/request. They will respond to your issues directly because they know more about your product. They will reach out to you to clarify your requests. After verifying each issue and needs, they then send it to the Developers. These people fix the issues for you. After fixing the issue, they will then hand the issue over to our Testers. Our testers will then verify the fixed issues and signal the Support Personnel to update your ticket.

So, yeah. We are doing our very best to resolve issues at such a short amount of turnaround time.


So far, the best thing about this improvement is that we have resolved more problems with our clients than ever before.

Next time you want to make changes to your website, all you have to do is visit and submit a ticket.

We will be happy to serve you with our new online support system.

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